How We Got Started

 We started this endeavor recently when a lifetime hobby took over our garage. Not a new story but, as many a life as we retire, as Ben did.Too many tools and not enough room to do what Ben wanted to do, make stuff out of wood. Ben has always, since the beginning of time, enjoyed woodworking, making shelves, squirrel feeders, nightstands, garage cabinets, high chair, reptile house, kids chairs, entertainment center, and a blanket chest, really a toy chest that the grandkids took over. 
  Anyone that knows us can say we go all in when we decide to commit
  .  Beginning the process of getting a shop, more tools, and deciding what to make has been eventful and a fulfilling experience. We have done the groundwork now we get to the fun.  Dani has learned how to use the multiple sanders, chop saw, router, band saw, and has left everything else to Ben.  It works out best that way.  Enough said.